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Saturday, January 30 2010

This sketch is in preperation for a painting I have been planning in my head for a long time. I just like the idea of Eve with the fruit and one piece cut in two with the knife. A lot of symbolism. It is not the way I perceive women but I know some do.

Sketch of Eve With Fruit by John Entrekin.

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Friday, January 29 2010

The sketch below is one I did a while ago from thoughts of all the models with whom I have and do work. The models or the visions of feminine beauty have a deep affect on me and my work. I think this will someday soon become a large painting. Not to be too heavy or dramatic but there is a bit of symbolism here. The Greek column as a melting candle represents time with classical beauty, the stairs represent my sort of dream state heading to the clouds, the curtain behind me is the unknown or what my thoughts are beyond what I let known. My relaxed or almost exhausted pose represents how I feel at time when dealing with all my ambitions to express how I feel about each woman in my life. The brush is the connection between my thoughts and what goes on the canvas. The obvious are the models and how they look at me with varying expressions. I'm sure before it get to the painting it will have more.

Artist with Visions of Models by John Entrekin

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Thursday, January 28 2010

This sketch is from sitting and listening to one of my models tell me about her dreams for her future life. Think this might be good for one of my Swirly paintings.

Woman dreaming, sketch by John Entrekin

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Wednesday, January 27 2010

Artist with model at easel by John EntrekinA sketch done from thoughts of my life in the studio. Don't know if this will ever make it into a painting.

What I was thinking when I did this was how much the model/muse affects my work. She is a part of the work and her reactions to it do affect what I do.

I feel best when she has opinions and feels she is part of the creative process.

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Tuesday, January 26 2010

The pen & ink drawings below were done at a time when I didn't have a full sized studio. The one with the woman was done with combination of a sketch of one of my models and the rest was, of course, fantasy. The other was just plain fantasy of a tree. Both ended up being used to illustrate different poems in two different books of poetry.

Pen & Ink nude by John Entrekin

Nude on Balcony, 8 x 10 inches

Pen & Ink Bubble Tree by John Entrekin

Bubble Tree 8x 8 inches

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Sunday, January 24 2010

Sketch of woman standing for swirly painting by John EnterekinThis sketch was done from life as my model walked around the studio.It wasn't posed for as such, just an idea that evolved from watching her and listening to her talk.

I hope to refine it some soon and then do a color sketch before moving it to a canvas.

This is one of what I call my "swirly" images. I enjoy the abstraction of the figure but without losing the face or general appearance and then creating swirling lines and shapes around her. These shapes along with the colors define my feelings or the feelings she was projecting when the sketch was made.

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Saturday, January 23 2010

Sketch for Gold Moon by John EntrekinThis is the initial pencil sketch for a painting called, "Gold Moon."

The painting is just started so wanted to show the sketches and process as it moves along.

I had done several photos and sketches of this model in the studio and found this pose very peaceful and with a sort of dancers surpentine flow. From that I just sat and scribbled with the figure in place until this sketch emerged.

As I worked I got the idea of the gold moon behind her dark hair and then, thinking of Klimt, I decided to possibly do the moon in gold leaf. I'll just have to see how the painting looks when it gets to that stage.

I was undecided about color so did a rough color pastel of the sketch to give me initial direction. That appears below. I will post more on this as I move along with the painitng.

Pastel sketch of

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Wednesday, January 20 2010

This sketch is done as a starting point for one of my abstracts I call my, "swirlys" (not very high-toned, is it?) Doing the abstracts allows me more freedom of design, of expression and color. I enjoy drawing from my feelings about a woman or women in general and then using the lines surrounding her as a way of further expressing what I feel. Then, when painting I can add color to further inhance this emotion. There isn't anything revolutionary about all this, it is what most abstracts are meant to do. For me it just gives me a different place to go from my realism and the portraits I do.  This sketch is about 8 x 10 inches. Here she is a flower, perhaps a prairie flower. To me, women are delicate and beautiful as a flower but also as a flower on the prairie they are strong and can withstand what nature sends them.

Sketch of woman as flower by John Entrekin

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Tuesday, January 19 2010

This is all from a sketch done some time ago. I recently cleaned up the lines if not the subject. Some may thinnk of this as too erotic or even pornographic but I like the feeling it projects as well as the memories it generates. The B & W is just the cleanned sketch but the other is after it was scanned and put on my computer to play with colors.

I guess I'm too old to learn the whole computer art thing but I do use it to do color changes quickly. I fiind it is very helpful to scan sketches, clean them up and then do various color renditions of them. In the past I would have to do many color sketches with either watercolors, pastels or oils to find where I wanted to go with the final work. I'm adding it here to show my process and perhaps let others see what they could do if they aren't already way ahead of me.

I know this will end up as a large final oil but not sure of the colors still.  What I have here is just a first idea.

Sketch of nude couple by John Entrekin   Color Sketch of Nude Couple by John Entrekin

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Monday, January 18 2010

This is another of my "cleaned up" sketches. It was done over the weekend with a hard pencil and then gone over with a Sharpie. Then all the many lines in the attempt to find the right ones were erased. I like the triangle of the overall pose.  Maybe there is a painting here but for now it is just more good practice and experimentation.

Sketch of woman sitting on floor by John Entrekin

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Saturday, January 16 2010

Sketch #1 for Commissioned Portrait by John EntrekinThese two sketches were done as a starting point for a commissioned portrait I'll be doing soon.

The lady is a very lovely, petite redhead whose age I wouldn't dare guess. She wears very clear and almost invisible glasses. She is a kind of "country girl" and wants to the portrait to be of her outside wearing jeans, boots and a simple top.

When she got to the studio and looked around she saw the pastel I have been working on of a nude by a tree. She didn't have any interest in her being posed nude but liked the idea of being by a tree.

It is January here  in ugly Ohio in snow and cold. So I posed her inside as a starting point with her just really doing what she wanted to do and no direction from me. I often do this to start to learn about the person sees themselves.

After looking at the photos, talking about them and then using them and working from life I did these two sketchs just to give her an idea of what things might look like. She liked the first one as to tree and foot but realized the second one was a bit stiff and the foot just wasn't working. All this said, I am putting them here as a way of showing how I work on some commissions.  I will be posting more things as I work on it and when she has time to pose.

Sketch #2 for commissioned portrait by John Entrekin

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Friday, January 15 2010

This is a pastel measuring, 24 x 18 inches. "Dulcinea In Pink Drape."

Dulcinea In Pink Drape by John Entrekin

This was done from a combination of photos of this model and her posing for me as I worked after about half way done. This is a very common way for me to work on pastels or oils. I had only done one painting of this lovely girl when I did this one. I knew I was going to do a number of paintings of her but with the first one I struggled with her fair skin tones. It was important to be correct with that wonderful red hair.

That was what drove me to do this piece. I think from it I was able to learn enough to go forward with the other paintings.

Most of my pastels do not end up as finished works for sale but as I worked on this I could see it was going to be best to keep it clean. I'm glad I did.

I also added a closeup of the head just to show the technique and color a little better.

I can't say for sure but I think I only used about a dozen colors for the whole thing and that is very rare for me.

If you would like to see a larger image please go to, Dulcinea In Pink Drape.

Close up of Dulcinea In Pink Drape by John Entrekin

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Friday, January 15 2010

Sketch of Nude, by John EntrekinEach of these sketces was done from life last night and very quickly as the model just sort of stood around in my livingroom and talked to me about her life. The poses are relaxed and comfortable even if the sketches, done in a couple of minutes, are very rough.

Doing these may or may not give ideas for a painting but each gives me more understanding of the woman posing and that makes everything I do of her better and more connected to her.

Or is that just me thinking it means something?

Sketch of Nude by, John Entrekin

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Thursday, January 14 2010

Sketch of Woman Standing, by John EntrekinThis is my sketch for the day.

Late last night I took photos of a model/friend. I asked her to pose in this way for an idea I had of a large painting. The idea for the painting came yesterday and I haven't actually drawn that part yet.

This morning I drew this from one of the photos. It is as I often do, "cleaned up" from all the pencil lines I had there originally.

The model was wearing a necklace and  played with it all the time we were doing the photos. I decided to let it stay in the drawing because it seemed to make me remember and feel close to the experience last night. Not sure if it will make it to the painting.

I guess now I better get to the drawings for the painting.

I would be fun to have people send me or post sketches of drawings using this pose or sketch as a starting  point  to see what others might come up with as a full painting. Who knows!

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Tuesday, January 12 2010

This is another of the sketches I do as often as possible. Again, it is cleaned up from the initial light pencil lines and drawn over with a pen.

Sketch of Woman Sleeping, by John Entrekin

There is something very calming and tranquil about watching someone sleep. I often draw my models while they sleep. Most often they are not without cover so in this case it was posed but from the idea of watching her sleep late into the morning. I do expect this will end up as a painting and think it should be kept without a lot of background. Just the figure says all that needs to be said.

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Monday, January 11 2010

Sketch of Couple Wrapped, by John EntrekinA sketch from yesterday. Sunday is a lazy day and a good one to spend with someone who makes you feel like drawing. This was not done from posing standing models but from memories & reflections later that day.

This is not exactly the original. It was done first with a very hard pencil and when the right lines were found I used a pen to draw the final shapes. Then the light pencil lines are eraced. I will often do this sort of process to give me a starting place for a larger painting.

In this case I'm thinking of doing it as two paintings. One more or less as it is here but another that is less erotic and more just affectionate. Doing this is not so much for different types of collectors as an interest in the different moods possibe and the different feelings both felt and expressed.

This is only about 10 inches high but I expect the final paintings would be more in the order of 48 inches high.

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Saturday, January 09 2010

This is a page from a sketch book. These are quick sketches done from model earlier today. I often will do these quickies and add some notes in case I see I want to make something more with them later.

Sketches by John Entrekin

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Friday, January 08 2010

This is the rough sketch for a possible painting probably named, "Nude Standing By Tree"

This is a charcoal on newsprint about 24 inches high.  The original idea for this came from seeing a small statuette in an antique auction. I often will see a statue or painting and take a quick digital photo of it and then use it as a starting point for a painting. I then come back to my studio and work with a model to get the right pose. The model might not look exactly as the sketch, it isn't photography, but she helps with the lighting and proportions.  She is also very often a great sense of inspiration on her own.

With this I have decided to first do a pastel of it about this size, 24 x 12 inches.  This will allow me to work out final composition issues and decide on the colors in a much quicker way than during the painting. I have decided to do the oil of this (providing the pastel works out well enough) a bit larger than this or the pastel but I will make the final decisions on all that later.

The face is so very important in my work. This face is only a rough but in the pastel and then the painting she will have to be given the expression I'm looking for. I want her to be looking down and to her right with a sense of her dreaming of something or someone. Would that it were me. [grin]

Let me know what you think, good or bad. I usually learn something from them.

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