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The Artwork of John Entrekin
John Earl Entrekin

My art reflects the moving elements of life that elicits intense emotional reactions.  The emotions inspire the colors I use, and the blending of the colors represent my unconscious thought. Whether it is my swirling style, startk realism in landscapes and still lifes or the reflected beauty of a portrait, my work is how I bring from within me contentment.

 When I paint I only paint, my mind is in the painting and the rest of the world disappears.  I am in my favorite place.

John Earl, photo

I was originally from upstate New York. I have lived all over the USA as well as other countries. Always interested in painting and never far from an easel, my professional career started as a graphic artist in NYC but eventually I moved to a career in fine arts. 

I have worked in almost every medium there is and enjoy each for a different reason. Most of my own work now is in oils. At various times in my life I have taught either through art organizations or in my studio.

I have always been fascinated with the styles and techniques of the old masters. My painting style reflects this both in my portraits and other figure work.  I also work in what might be called a completely different style which I have come to call my "swirly" paintings.  These are abstracts done with an undulating movement to the lines that allow the viewer to create his or her own interpretation sometimes bordering on art nouveau.

Take the time to wander through the different galleries to see the work and read over the other material to learn more about my work and me.  You can purchase paintings and prints online through the secure shopping system.

I have been teaching adult art classes for over 40 years. At the beginning of the pandemic I added On Line Art Classes using the Zoom platform.  To learn more about these classes go to my CLASSES page.

Below are some of the locations my work has been displayed or now resides.

Exhibitions (*Solo Shows)

* Studio 1000, Columbus, Ohio

  Soho Gallery, Worthington, Ohio

* Shremshock Gallery, Columbus Ohio 

* Alex Minturn Gallery, Mount Vernon, Ohio    

     Zanesville Art Center, Zanesville, Ohio

* Columbus Alive, Columbus Ohio
* Kussmaul Gallery, Granville, Ohio

  Munson Williams Art Institute, Utica, New York

  Fynmore Gallery, Boonville, New York

        Adirondack Artists Exhibit, Old Forge, New York

      * Dodge Pratt Art Institute, Boonville, New York

        Riverbank Gallery Alexandria Bay, New York

        North Country Artists Guild, Watertown, New York

Selection of public and private collections

Franklin County Children's Services, Columbus, OH
Ms. Rita Soronen, Columbus, OH
Mr. Alex Minturn, Dayton, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Michael BlankenBecler, Columbus, OH
Mr. and Mrs. William Reasinger, Gahanna, OH

Dodge Pratt Northern Institute, Boonville, NY

Cooperstown Museum of Art, Cooperstown, NY

Wendy's, Granville, OH

Mr. Richard York, NYC, NY

Dr. Stanley Bodner, Nashville, TN

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Blum, Granville, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griesse, Granville, OH

Mr. and Mrs. Ken West, Newark, OH

Mrs. Jeane Barnard, Chicago, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lord, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Ed Schnabl, Flagler Beach, FL

Mr. and Mrs. William Levine, Brooklyn, NY

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The portraits, paintings, prints and art classes of John Entrekin

John Earl Entrekin

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